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Joanie Talbot

Joanie Talbot


Bar Admission 2010

Law degree, Université de Sherbrooke, Co-operative (LLB)

Legal Assistant

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A Saint-Hyacinthe lawyer, Joanie works primarily in civil litigation. In recent years, she has also developed her knowledge and skills in construction law, currently her main field of practice.

For this reason, she has been involved in the preparation of training courses and in the drafting of texts inherent in the law of construction. She also held conferences on access to information.

Rigorous and attentive to the needs of her clients, Joanie is equipped with a care for detail enabling her to find solutions adapted to the problems for which she is consulted.

  • Services

    • Civil Litigation
    • Construction Law
    • Contract Negotiating and Drafting
    • Debt Collection
    • Latent Defects
    • Legal Hypothecs for Construction
  • Professional activities

    I particularly like to explore the different facets of a file in making the necessary analyzes required, taking into account the factual, documentary and legal plans. I am a passionate researcher, but also a writer.

  • Social Involvement

    I have been fortunate to be involved in social causes that are important to me, including sitting on the board of a Crisis Intervention and Response Center.

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