Jean-Luc Couture

Jean-Luc Couture


Bar Admission 1987

Law degree, Université Laval (LLB)
Master's degree in International Banking Law, Boston University (LLM)

Legal Assistant

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Jean-Luc is a founding partner of the firm and CEO of Edilex, a legal technology business. In his role as CEO, Jean-Luc manages a multidisciplinary team dedicated to creating cutting edge technological tools while continuing to serve his clients in the agri-food and technology sectors.

A man with an exceptional ability to get to the heart of the matter and excellent analytical skills, he performs the duties of each role with composure and in a professional manner.

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Jean-Luc serves on the boards of various non-profit and economic development organizations. He is currently a member of the marketing committee of the Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ), a member of the Board of Governors of the Les Maskoutains Chamber of Commerce and is also a member of the board of directors of the Fondation Hôpital Charles LeMoyne.

His energy and versatility make him an effective legal advisor and leader and give added value to his interactions with both clients and members of his team.

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  • Services

    • Agricultural Law
    • Bankruptcy
    • Business Consultancy
    • Business Law
    • Civil Litigation
    • Commercial Law
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Copyright
    • Insolvency
    • Intellectual Property
    • Internet-related Law
    • RMAAQ (Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires du Québec)
    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Trademarks
  • Professional activities

    I find it fulfilling and I am at my best when working on complex matters, such as negotiating and arbitrating, drafting marketing agreements for agricultural products, securing licensing, and drafting distribution agreements for technology products and services at the international level, because I am able to clarify the important issues and recommend a practical business approach.

  • Social Involvement

    I strongly encourage our professionals to become socially involved not only because it involves giving back to one’s community but also because it allows a person to grow in what is often a different role. Doing so also adds interesting people to your social network, sometimes even expanding your business network, and it contributes to the firm’s good reputation. 


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