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Andréane Lefebvre

Andréane Lefebvre

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At the beginning of her career at our Saint-Hyacinthe office, Andréane focused mainly on civil and commercial litigation.

Throughout her academic and professional career, Andréane had the opportunity to work in various law firms and thus work with a diverse clientele in several areas of law. Thanks to her experience, she has been able to develop knowledge and skills in several areas of law and has refined her sense of rigor, organization and attentiveness to her clients' needs.

She is appreciated for her determination, efficiency and dedication to her clients.

  • Services

    • Civil Litigation
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Real Estate Law
  • Professional activities

    In carrying out professional mandates, I put listening and understanding the client's needs at the center of my concerns in order to propose the best legal strategy and achieve results that meet their expectations.

  • Social Involvement

    Social involvement is a great way to give back to the community and share our skills and knowledge with others. With our background as legal professionals, I consider it important to give back to the community and promote access to justice.


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    Saint-Hyacinthe Convention Centre

    8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

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