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Elise Moras

Elise Moras


Bar Admission 2017

Law degree, Université de Montréal (LLB)
Integrated Bachelor of Public Affairs and International Relations(B.A.)
D.E.S.S. in North American Common Law (Juris Doctor) from Université de Montréal

Legal Assistant

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A Montreal lawyer, Elise works mostly in civil and commercial litigation as well as in administrative law, in both French and English.

She joined our team after a period at the Federal Court as well as at a national firm.

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Her clientele is composed of individuals, companies and trustees of professional orders that she represents before the various courts.

Elise is a lawyer with great intellectual curiosity and combined with her rigor, she is an excellent legal advisor.

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  • Services

    • Access to Information
    • Administrative Law
    • Civil Litigation
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Disciplinary Law
    • Illegal Exercise of the Profession
  • Professional activities

    My multidisciplinary training allows me to analyze the problems of my clients from all angles. Passionate about law, I am completely involved in each file to ensure the best possible result for clients.

  • Social Involvement

    The place of women in our society is an issue that is important to me and it is a conversation that must be constantly maintained, even more in the field of law. That's why I created the Women's Committee at our Montreal office.


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