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Your pillars of risk management

Our professionals are here to assist and advise you on your day-to-day business and complex insurance issues. Our team has the necessary experience to offer solutions tailored to your needs and ensure that your interests are protected in the face of the risks that surround your activities, whether at the planning stage or in the event of a dispute.
Our Insurance team
Our team has the skills and experience to be your business partner for all your insurance needs.

Our profound knowledge of the insurance field allows us to guide you in adopting a business strategy tailored to your needs all while taking into account the issues related to this industry, which is governed by a system of provincial and federal laws governing personal, property and liability insurance. More specifically, we can support you in the following areas :

  • Property insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Site insurance and wrap-up (comprehensive site liability)
  • Professional liability, errors and omissions (E&O) insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance

Our experience enables us to provide you with sound advice on risk management measures. We can support you by identifying the issues that affect you and proposing optimal solutions customized to your situation.

Our innovative legal team will help you interpret insurance policies and defend your interests. We can also guide you in managing your claims, thanks to our mastery of the particularities of insurance contracts.

Our professionals can also assist you in drafting contracts, policies or notices relating to insurance coverage, to ensure that your interests are duly protected.

Our team also provides training accredited by the Chambre de l'assurance de dommages (CHAD).

Whatever your role in the insurance industry, we're your regulatory advisors.

  • Access to Information
  • Assessing personal injury
  • Civil and Professional Code
  • Code of Ethics for insurance brokers and claims adjusters
  • Fraudulent insurance claims
  • Insurance Law
  • Insurer's subrogatory recourse
  • Interpretation of the insurance policy
  • Liability of the insurer, insurance broker and claims adjuster
  • Loss of entitlement to insurance benefits
  • Mortgage or priority creditor's right to insurance indemnity
  • Nullity ab initio and cancellation of the insurance policy
  • Representation and defence of the insured person
  • Statutory examination of the insured person


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