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Technology and Information Governance

Your technology, compliance, and cybersecurity challenges. Our comprehensive, cross-functional solutions.

1. Making the Digital Shift  

The transformation of society, based notably on the digital and technological revolution, is driving an increase in the flow of computer and digital exchanges. The new demands of commerce and the States have forced businesses to a greater level of innovation and more intense regulation to protect them in their business processes and allow them to remain competitive, efficient, and modern. Today, every company must go digital, driven by the imperatives of the digital economy.

Regulations and the market impose on businesses a responsibility to protect data and secure their systems. IT security is a vital issue for the survival and durability of the business. It is a fact that most businesses are or will be attacked by hackers. Faced with external and internal cyber threats, the company must imperatively ensure the cybersecurity of its information assets, which obviously includes the personal data collected during its activities. In fact, it is now legally required to secure data entering and leaving the business.

Pandemic and telework have disrupted the cybersecurity landscape and continue to drive mobile and virtual computing (telework). The demand for unified endpoint cybersecurity continues to grow and, at the same time, has become increasingly complex.

The implementation of an information governance program is an efficient and orderly way to undertake the digital shift and a lawyer is the best person to implement such a vehicle because records and information management is a specialized area of law: contact us to learn more!

2. Your Needs 

  • Cybersecurity of Your Data

    Cybersecurity is not only a computer issue, but also above all ensuring the survival of the business as well as its protection. It is the responsibility of its officer, its employees, its partners, and its clients. As a matter of fact, in case of an attack, the business is exposed to irreversible damages, both financial and reputational.

    Competitive and technological changes force businesses to act with great agility to modify their structures and even their business models. Therefore, more than ever, digital technology is transforming businesses.

    These transitions have a significant impact on the way businesses operate, their processes and methods. To remain productive and increase profitability, businesses must create, adapt, and secure the digitization of their business processes.

    Transactions related to computers and the internet raise complex technical and legal issues that require the multidisciplinary expertise of our lawyers, who can explain and provide effective digital solutions.

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  • Compliance with the Provisions of Privacy and Confidentiality Laws

    With technology booming, the use of new software, personal data management and virtual exchanges have created vulnerabilities and risks that organizations must adapt to in order to prevent fraud. To do so, it is imperative to comply with the regulations surrounding these new technologies and thus reduce the risks of cyber incidents.

    Our team will advise you on how to maximize the security of your practices through our experience with international businesses. We are involved with large corporations, government organizations and even technology businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

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  • Complete and Transversal Support for the Security of Your Business

    Our team has completed numerous technology acquisitions and agreements with technology partners and is fully aware of the technology and cyber risk issues in the business sector and the threats that arise from them. Do not wait for an incident to occur to establish a prevention plan.

    Our professionals ensure to protect your interests and offer you advice adapted to your reality thanks to their knowledge of the field of technology and cybersecurity. Whether you are a business specializing in information technology, or your business uses new technologies, our team will be able to help you evaluate your processes to improve your practices, regardless of your sector of activity.

    We understand the risks your business faces and are ready to protect you from them.

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  • Audit, Anticipation and Risk Management

    By working with us, your business benefits from an optimal development strategy, both legal and technological. This allows it to be in adequacy with the digital transformations and to be able to face the risks concerning it.

    Our team of experts and their partners in digital and technological solutions, accompany you and secure your business from the audit to the integration of solutions:

    • Presentation of the solutions and objectives to be achieved;
    • Selection of the most suitable technologies according to the audit and your objectives;
    • Detailed strategic action plan;
    • Planning of the implementation of the adapted solutions;
    • Follow-up of actions by objectives;
    • Support in the search for funding.

    As a result, your business will improve:

    • its performance
    • its productivity
    • its efficiency
    • the relationship and experience of its clients
    • quality of service to each type of client
    • business decision making
    • internal and external risk management
    • its compliance with national and provincial regulatory obligations

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  • Encrypting Data, Protecting Identities and Creating a Trusted Ecosystem

    Our group of experts in innovative technologies such as cryptographic data analysis, blockchain, tokenization and artificial intelligence can develop products and services that can help build trust in a digital economy.

    Together with our cybersecurity experts, we anticipate, develop and test products and services to solve problems related to authentication, fraud and data and identity protection.

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  • Strategic Support and Commercial Agreements

    Transactions related to computers and the internet raise complex technical and legal issues. They require a multidisciplinary expertise provided by our lawyers who are able to popularize and provide effective digital solutions.

    We can assist you with your strategic alliances and partnerships, your research and development contracts, your technology transfers, and your distribution agreements on a local or international scale.

    The department's professionals have extensive experience in negotiating complex contracts that require advanced expertise in their field, including software licensing. They can also guide you in matters of internet presence, from your website creation and hosting contracts to the management of domain name conflicts. They are also able to ensure the security of the electronic transactions of the people who use our services by drafting online agreements in accordance with the most recent judgments and by verifying the operational compliance of their transactional site with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act.

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  • Cyber risk management and incident response
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data protection litigation
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Domain Name
  • Factums and Legal Representation
  • Framework contract (purchase, lease, development, OEM)
  • Information governance
  • Internet-related Law
  • Joint Venture, co-marketing, co-development
  • Licensing (marketing, distribution and agency)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Audit
  • Privacy by design and security by design systems integration
  • Protection of Personal Information and privacy
  • Public International Law
  • Purchase and sale of technology businesses
  • Strategic advice on regulatory compliance
  • Strategic Support
  • Technology Law
  • Technology Transfer
  • Treaty Law