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Our Health team
Our health law team advises and supports health and social services establishments and regularly represents them before specialized administrative courts and courts of general competence.

Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the law applicable to establishments and entities in the health and social services network, in particular governance, human resources, recourse by users, ethics and consent to care, public health and pre-hospital emergency services.

  • Call for Tenders
  • Ethics and Consent to Care
  • Governance
  • Health Law
  • Human, Material, Financial and Technological Resources
  • Information Assets
  • Intra-Hospital Disciplinary Law
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Services
  • Private Seniors' Residence
  • Protection of Personal Information and privacy
  • Public Health
  • Recognition of the assistant to the major
  • Request for Care or Guards in an Establishment
  • Rights, Complaints and Remedies of Users
  • Risk Management
  • Supervisory Control
  • Supply Contract