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Our professionals can accompany you in your North American or foreign development aspirations by being based in Quebec or Canada. We closely work with you in the development of your project both in its conceptual phase and in its implementation by integrating not only the legal and financial aspects, but also administrative aspects.

International trade is often subject to mandatory rules which is important to know and to respect. Whether determining the applicable law in international transportation, complying with customs rules and other laws of a commercial nature, our professionals are capable of performing an analysis of commercial trade policies, national regulations and various international agreements having an impact on your international trade project.

We will advise you on intellectual property, inventory financing, after-sales service, right of property to clients, territorial exclusivity, termination mechanisms and taxation. Our team has developed over the years expertise in the negotiation and drafting of international distribution agreements.

We could accompany you in your immigration and citizenship procedures, whether in the United States or Europe.  We could also assist Canadian companies that send their employees and senior managers abroad and help them obtain, when necessary, appropriate entry permits and visas on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our knowledge allows you to benefit from the expertise and understanding of your market, business practices, customs and traditions of the country and its formal and informal networks.

  • African Affairs
  • Agency Agreement
  • Commercial Agency
  • Commercial missions (local representation, implementation of corporate structure, obtaining permits, etc.)
  • Consultants and other representatives’ agreements
  • Corporate Structure
  • Creation of Subsidiary, Branch or Related Company
  • Distribution
  • Employment Agreements
  • Export
  • Free-Trade Agreements
  • Import
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Affairs
  • International Affairs Support
  • International Arbitration
  • International Law
  • International Sales Contract
  • International Sales Documents
  • International Taxation
  • International Trade
  • Joint Venture and Co-Development
  • Legal Domicile
  • Legislative and Political Analysis
  • Negotiation of agreements and partnerships
  • Prevention and amicable settlement of disputes
  • Protection of Personal Data (RGPD)
  • Purchase
  • Set Up of International Subsidiaries and Branches
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • Trade Policies