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Our primary concern is your business interests and we will intervene by adopting a practical approach which is effective and in line with your corporate values.

We will advise you and your managers on your daily management of your human resources. The opportunity to collaborate with the professionals of our human resources consulting team will help you better manage your workforce. Together, we apply a strategic vision of your needs by allowing us to make a complementary intervention.

Our professionals support you in terms of hiring, disciplinary measures, dismissals and all the problems you face with your human resources (such as labour standards, psychological harassment, pay equity, human resources management, mediation and conciliation, administrative and criminal complaints, rights and freedom and protection of personal information).

We act as the employer representative in your collective bargaining negotiations as well as your grievance and arbitration disputes. We will assist you in the administration of your agreements or in collective redundancies.

We assist you strategically in managing issues relating to applicable occupational health and safety legislations. We assist you in managing your workplace injuries by considering the financial impact of interventions (eligibility, rehabilitation, return to work, coordination of expertise). We represent you in the context of reconciling workplace accidents, sharing or transferring of imputed costs, classification or contribution, complaints to the CSST or criminal complaints.

We are also able to represent you before the appropriate courts during requests for accreditation and revocation of accreditation. We can act in any case questioning an accreditation or its representativeness as well as in the case of accreditation merger.

  • Access to Information
  • Classification
  • Collective Agreement Decree
  • Collective Agreement Negotiation
  • Collective Dismissal and Layoff
  • Conciliation of Workplace Injury Claims
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Corporate Policies
  • Cost Transferring and Cost Sharing
  • Criminal Claims
  • Criminal Offences in Health and Safety
  • Disciplinary Measures and Dismissal
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Injury Claims Management
  • Federal Employment and Labour Law
  • Grievance Arbitration and Adjudication
  • Human Rights and Freedoms
  • Indemnification
  • International Labour Mobility
  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Labour Force Training
  • Labour Relations
  • Labour Standards
  • Litigation in Labour and Employment Law
  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Non-Solicitation Agreements
  • Pay Equity
  • Pension Plans, Benefits and Remuneration
  • Protection of Personal Information and privacy
  • Service Contracts
  • Strategic Support
  • Termination Agreements
  • Union Certification
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims (CNESST)
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Workplace Health and Safety