Legal Technology

For more than 25 years, clients have appreciated the vast collection of legal contracts that Edilex offers. Edilex now also offers businesses, public bodies and legal professionals a variety of computerized products and services to help better define, simplify and secure the contractual process.

We have been working in partnership with Edilex for several years. Our professionals are familiar with and use Edilex products and can give you advice about how you can benefit from the technological expertise of this cutting-edge company in the legal industry!

Call for Tenders Automation

Edilex has been providing automated drafting of call for tenders documents for hundreds of organizations in the public sector for several years. Regardless of the type of call for tenders, the system’s legal intelligence will generate significant savings for you in terms of time and money. Automating the drafting of call for tenders documents reduces the rate of errors and likelihood of omissions. Moreover, the legal content of the system is updated in real time by our team of lawyers, who constantly monitor the applicable legal framework. Benefit now from all the advantages!

Document drafting automation

By using Edilex automated contracts, businesses in any sector of activity can generate contracts that are essential to their business activities in a matter of a few clicks. Based on an optimized drafting methodology, the system allows entrepreneurs to benefit from substantial savings in legal costs, without jeopardizing the legal health of their business. Edilex automated contracts simplify and secure the contractual process for a fraction of the cost.


Immigration and international mobility

Founded in 2016 by Me Natacha Mignon, Immétis is a law firm dedicated to immigration law and international mobility.

Widely recognized and acclaimed, Immétis represents a large clientele of Quebec businesses, major foreign groups based in Canada and foreign nationals from all over the world, for all their international mobility issues.

Immétis supports them in defining and deploying the best immigration strategies, as well as preparing visa and work permit applications.


Immétis’ role, as regulated immigration lawyers and consultants, consists of defining with their clients, businesses and individuals, the best immigration strategy that will correspond to their needs :

While the analysis is in progress, the firm recommends different strategies and supports its clients with a turnkey service : Immétis takes care of all immigration forms, the preparation of required documents as well as communications with the authorities until the desired status is reached.

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Immétis also operates the employment site, that answers the needs of businesses looking for workers. The website now lists over 32,000 profiles of foreign workers ready to settle in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada.

Immijob allows them to :

  • Broadcast job offers to a wide target of French-speaking talent
  • Recruit internationally, in total autonomy
  • Receive support in immigration matters once their candidate has been identified

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 Active Worldwide

We are members of 3 international groups: Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), PLG International Lawyers and USLAW NETWORK (USLAW). These partnerships allow us to better support our clients who have international operations, taking into account their legal needs often across geographical borders.

Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW)

International Affiliation

LAW (Lawyers Associated Worldwide) is an association of independent law firms located in more than 100 cities around the world. Its mandate: to ensure that its members could meet the legal needs of their clients who develop their operations in new markets. Particularly well established in North America with nearly fifty member firms, the LAW association allows us to better serve our clients who have legal needs elsewhere in Canada as well as in the United States. LAW members are able to provide legal services in several areas of law, including real estate, business, intellectual property and litigation. By being part of this association, we benefit from the other members who help us to support you in your international projects.

PLG International Lawyers

International Affiliation

Our affiliation with the global assembly that is PLG, allows us to shine in international markets and thus better manage the complexity involved in market globalization. Thanks to our participation in PLG, we are sure to provide our clients with the best service anywhere in the world. This European economic interest association brings together 1,500 lawyers and notaries who practice in thirty medium-sized firms in more than 20 countries (around 40 cities).


International Affiliation

Our USLAW membership allows us, in collaboration with member firms of the network, to continue to advise and assist our clients in their commercial projects in Canada, the United States and around the world. USLAW is an international organization made up of more than 60 independent law firms, including over 6,000 lawyers in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia and with affiliations in Africa and Europe. USLAW is made up of highly qualified law firms that are part of the invitation-only network. Member firms undergo a rigorous review process to ensure exceptional quality of lawyers within the USLAW NETWORK. USLAW member firms have experience in commercial, business, labour and employment law, litigation as well as several other areas related to business.