Changes to Travel Restrictions for Immediate Family Members of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

  • Arnaud Vanier
By Arnaud Vanier Lawyer
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a new announcement on June 8th, 2020, regarding the reunification of Canadian citizens and permanent residents as well as their immediate families.

Here are the important facts:

  • This measure comes into force on June 9th, 2020;
  • Immediate family members include:
    • Spouse or common-law spouse;
    • Dependent child;
    • Parent or step-parent of the Canadian citizen or permanent resident or their spouse or common-law spouse;
    • Guardian.
  • A mandatory quarantine period of 14 days applies;
  • Family members showing symptoms of Covid-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada.

Please note, however, that restrictions still apply to immediate family members of temporary residents in Canada, such as foreign workers or foreign students. For more information, visit

For the full text of the press release: