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  • Émilie Séguin
By Émilie Séguin Lawyer
Since the government suspended activities on construction sites as of March 25, should a homeowner building a principal residence on their own stop all work?

No. This owner-builder may carry out, alone, certain work, for example those for which he personally holds a certificate of competence and those listed in "Schedule III: Subclasses under the Specialized Contractor’s Licence" of the Regulation Respecting the Professional Qualification of Contractors and Owner-Builders.

However, other than in cases of emergency aimed at preserving the integrity of their residence, preventing its imminent deterioration or ensuring the health and safety of the public, this owner-builder may not hire workers or a general or specialized contractor. The urgency of the work depends on the facts and the context in which it is to be carried out.

For the time being, construction site activities are suspended until May 4. However, this deadline may be extended.

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