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Stay informed about our most recent articles, training activites and job offers.

Articling and Law Student Employment

Articling is the gateway to professional practice in a legal environment, so it is important to choose the right place to do it. You don't have to burn yourself out to prove your talent. A workplace that respects your personal life : guilty.

In fact, the environment in which you will evolve will enable you to develop your skills while rubbing shoulders with colleagues with whom you will forge bonds even outside working hours. Therrien Couture Joli-Cœur is an ideal springboard for your career in law.

Job Opportunities
Internships in businesses

Give meaning to your career

You'll thrive on challenging, complex projects that take you out of your comfort zone. But there's no need to burn yourself out to prove your talent! With an experienced team behind you, you'll make rapid professional progress.

The success you’ll achieve: build your dream career based on your own aspirations and form lasting relationships at work through various employee activities offered throughout the year. Blossom in a work environment where values of blodness and relevance are constantly put forward in all our projects.


other interns who will have the same experience as you during the year


areas of law to explore


professionals to accompany you and encourage you to surpass yourself


Enriching experience

A lively workplace : guilty!

There is no hierarchy

Our open-door policy encourages collaboration and facilitates communication between our interns and all employees. We promote an environment that maximizes knowledge sharing. At TCJ, you will have the opportunity to make real connections with an unprecedented team.

Mutual support, a guarantee of success

The multidisciplinarity of our team is unequivocal. You will work with professionals from all fields : lawyers, notaries, tax specialists, human ressources professionals and many others. Thanks to the talents of each member, we are able to position ourselves as a major player in the market.

Each person of our large family is the human capital that contributes to a better work environment. Wether it is by discussing, questioning, giving suggestions or asking for advice, we always look out for each other.

At TCJ, you never face a challenge alone! Through our mentoring program and collaborative spaces: well-being and fun guaranteed.

Together, even in the summer

Depending on the needs of our offices, a summer job may be offered to you the summer before your articling with us. As a future articling student, you will have the chance to get to know your profession and your work environment in order to facilitate your integration.

Encouraging the next generation

At TCJ, there is something wonderfully bold about getting to know tomorrow’s professionals and learning from their potential to better rethink the future. By ours ide, you will be surrounded by devoted leaders and mentors that are ready to accompany you in your professional development.

We recognize talent within our interns by offering job opportunities to those who stand out and learn to embody our values in their own way. An enriching internship experience that rewards your efforts: guilty!

Questions and Answers

You will find below a list of frequently asked questions with relevant information regarding our recruitment process for articling positions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our HR team at the following  address:

Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur

  • What characterizes Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur?

    We have a multidisciplinary team made up of people from various fields such as law, human resources, taxation and notaries, allowing us to offer our clients a turnkey experience.

    In addition, our offices are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to greatly facilitate collaboration between our offices. We also offer innovative services to our clientele thanks to our partner Edilex, recognized for its range of computerized legal products and services.

    Our organization is lively and dynamic. We organize several activities throughout the year to create links between colleagues. As a member of our team, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a day dedicated to team building activities that greatly promote relationships and collaboration across all of our offices. Finally, as a young lawyer, you will be integrated into important mandates as soon as you arrive, and you will have real responsibilities in addition to being quickly in the heart of the action.

  • How many professionals are there in our organization?

    We have just over 350 people, including approximately 170 lawyers, notaries and trademark agents in our offices in Brossard, Laval, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint-Hyacinthe and Sherbrooke.

  • As an organization made up of six locations, is there collaboration between employees from all offices?

    Yes, it is essential for the organization to go beyond geographical barriers. In this sense, collaboration, mutual aid and cohesion are essential! Professionals generally work with colleagues from the same business unit and are called upon to collaborate with people from different offices. Many of our professionals travel occasionally for client meetings, team meetings, training, or work sessions.

The internship

  • How many students are recruited each year?

    We recruit students for articling at the Bar for the most part. We usually take on two articling students per year for the Brossard, Laval, Saint Hyacinthe and Sherbrooke offices. For Montreal and Quebec City, four articling students are accepted annually. Our articling periods begin in February and September of each year.

  • What are the characteristics that a student must possess to excel at TCJ?

    To thrive and develop within our organization, you must have intellectual curiosity and a desire to deliver quality work. Our internship supervisors and multidisciplinary professionals enthusiastically prepare the arrival of interns year after year. Among the welcoming and integration activities, special projects and responsibilities that will be entrusted to you, you will have a wide range of opportunities to get involved, surpass yourself and demonstrate your sense of initiative. A hard-working, committed student who dares to innovate and who knows how to integrate well into the team will surely succeed!

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of articling students and how are they assigned?

    Articling students are primarily involved in research in various areas, drafting memoranda and clauses. In addition, they draft procedures, assist lawyers in the analysis of files and make representations to the court.

    Articling students receive mandates directly from lawyers or partners. The mandates may come from different areas of law depending on the needs, with the objective of maximizing the articling experience, thus allowing the articling students to discover their fields of interest.

  • Is bilingualism a prerequisite?

    It is definitely an asset for both the articling period and for future employment as a lawyer. 

  • Does the articling term usually end with the possibility of obtaining a position as a lawyer with TCJ?

    In order to make an informed decision, we take into account the integration of the articling student, the needs of our offices and the work done by the articling student in order to determine whether an offer will be granted. In the majority of cases, we make an offer of employment for a lawyer position. 

The application

  • Who should I send my cover letter to?

    Your cover letter can be addressed to the "selection committee" and you can put the address of the office that interests you the most.

  • Can I choose a specific office, or do I have to apply to all offices?

    Although our recruitment process is centralized, you can choose the position(s) that interest you. You must make your choices when you submit your application on our website. You must also check the areas of law that interest you the most and the eligibility period of your internship.

  • How will I know if I am selected for an interview?

    We will follow up by email or phone with each of the selected candidates following the analysis of all the files.

  • What documents do I need to send to complete my application?

    At a minimum, you must send us a cover letter, your resume and your transcript directly to our website. If you wish to send us other documents relevant to your application, we would be delighted to receive them.