• Éric Beauchesne
    A white canvas is always an interesting challenge

  • Amélie Asselin
    Passionate about and led by a human-oriented approach

  • Normand Therrien
    Visionary who thrives on challenges

  • Yannick Crack
    Passionate about people, life and business

  • Audrey Joly
    A business solution for your legal issues

  • Vicky Lemelin
    Big-hearted, family-oriented and hardworking woman

  • Marie-Claude Gaudreau
    Make sure to love, listen and laugh every day!

  • Martine Dubois
    What we look for, we find.

  • Hugo Beaulieu
    To always strive for excellence

  • Anne-Marie Faucher
    A straightforward and human approach with efficient management

  • Ghislain Côté
    Committed to its clients

  • Yan Perreault
    Courage is nothing without reflection

  • Pierre Chauvette
    A hybrid lawyer before his time

  • Catherine Decoste-Mahseredjian
    A positive leader who does not hesitate to get involved

  • Marc Chidiac
    Simplifying complex concepts

  • Suzanne Lamarre
    Reflection and action

  • Nicole Durand
    When there is a problem, there's a solution

  • Maude Caron-Morin
    Accessibility, efficiency and creativity

  • Andréanne Dallaire
    Attentive to clients' needs

  • Francis Arnaud Marcotte
    Proceed pragmatically to achieve concrete results

  • Amélie Ferland
    Committed and attentive to your needs

  • Élisabeth Magnan
    Always persevere, never give up

  • Annie Miller
    To look at things from a different perspective: to move forward and to innovate

  • Yves Lacasse
    Creative and proactive for his clients

  • Natacha Boivin
    Available, efficient, always looking for innovative solutions

  • François Montfils
    Rigour, simplicity and clarity

  • Geneviève Gagné
    Going everywhere in the world with you

  • Jean-Luc Couture
    An intellectual curiosity without borders

  • Erin Schachter
    Positive, energetic and driven by challenges

  • Nadine Koussa
    Human solutions, adapted to your needs and your business

  • Mélissa Pelletier
    Passionate every day

  • Guillaume Lapierre
    Use the law to enable growth

  • Alex Anquetil
    Following my passion with your interests at heart

  • Simone M. L. Ndiaye
    Be customer driven and aspire to excellence

  • Marie-Élaine Racine
    Finding a solution to the dispute rather than debating it

  • Micheline Dessureault
    International Carbide

  • Sabrina Landry-Bergeron
    Committed, passionate and persevering

  • Anne-Marie Bujold
    Passionate about health

  • Louis Masson
    My action plan? Listening, analysis, strategy, solution.

  • Céline Plante
    Dynamic, committed and driven by projects

  • Miriam Morissette
    Sparkle in the eyes and in the heart

  • Marc Perron
    Team leader and mentor

  • Michel Paradis
    Dare to negotiate peace and not fuel the conflict

  • Camille Proulx
    Be inspiring

  • Karine Doucet
    A healthy mind and body

  • Stéphane Lépine
    Experience for the benefit of the future

  • Sylvain Dufresne
    Prevention is better than cure

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