Raphaëlle Levesque

Raphaëlle Levesque


Bar Admission 2016

Law degree, Université de Sherbrooke
MBA, Université de Sherbrooke

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Fond of legal challenges and debates, Raphaëlle is a member of our litigation team, especially in the area of latent defects. She also practices in the areas of construction law and real estate law.

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During her studies, Raphaëlle was able to expand her knowledge by working in different areas, such as in a large financial services firm and an international firm.

She also completed an academic internship with the American-Turkish Council and participated in The Washington Center program, from which she received a bursary from the Department of State Foreign Service. Raphaëlle also has an MBA, which undoubtedly gives her an edge in understanding the issues affecting our business clients.

Her passion, determination and desire to be innovative in her law practice explain why Raphaëlle is a lawyer who is particularly appreciated by both her colleagues and her clients.

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  • Services

    • Advice and representation
    • Civil Litigation
    • Commercial and residential Leases
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Construction Defects
    • Construction Law
    • Faults, faulty work, defects or hidden defects
    • Latent Defects
    • Legal Hypothecs for Construction
    • Legal opinion
    • Litigation
    • Obligations arising from the sale
    • Real Estate Law
    • Written waiver or formal notice
  • Professional activities

    In my daily practice, I meet the needs of my clients which often goes beyond the legal framework. Having a global vision of the challenges and creating tailor-made solutions are my priorities. I mainly work in areas that I am passionate about, such as real estate, construction and hidden defects. Whether the mandate is to negotiate an agreement or obtain legal advice, mutual trust is crucial in order to create a winning partnership.

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