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Alastair Moir

Alastair Moir


Bar Admission 2017

Law degree, Université Laval (LLB)
Master's degree in common law and transnational law from the Université de Sherbrooke (LL.M.)
Bachelor of Arts in World History from McGill University (B.A.)

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A lawyer in Montreal, Alastair’s practice focuses on disciplinary law, litigation and construction law. Alastair has honed his skills over a varied career, working with UN organizations and leading law firms, and is fluent in English and French. He represents a diverse client base, including multinationals, small and medium enterprises, trade associations and individuals.

With experience in litigation involving international and cross-border interests, large-scale construction projects, and professional and product liability, Alastair is prepared to meet significant challenges. He brings a high level of strategic thinking to the analysis of every case in which he is involved to achieve optimal results in protecting and advancing the interests of his clients.

He is appreciated for his analytical skills, his collaborative spirit and his tenacity.

  • Services

    • Civil and Professional Code
    • Civil Litigation
    • Disciplinary Law
    • Insurance Law
    • Latent Defects
    • Litigation
    • Professional Law
  • Professional activities

    My areas of practice in disciplinary law and in construction litigation and professional liability are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Whether my client is a professional order, a contractor, or an individual, I am dedicated to their needs. I recognize that a skilled lawyer must always be attentive and know how to accompany those who place their trust in him or her throughout the process with rigor and compassion, demonstrating adaptability to find solutions that respond to real issues.

  • Publications and conferences

    • Obstruction of the syndic: Where to draw the line? (French conference « L’entrave au syndic : où tracer la ligne? ») given at the event Rendez-vous en droit disciplinaire et professionnel, in November 2022.


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