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Nilce Ekandzi

Nilce Ekandzi


Bar Admission 2022

PhD in Intellectual Property Law, Université de Paris 2
Master 2 in French and European Intellectual Property Law, Université de Strasbourg
Master's Degree in OHADA Business Law, Université Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal)
Law degree, Université de Montréal

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Nilce is a Montreal-based lawyer practicing primarily in the areas of information governance, technology law, privacy, intellectual property and African business activities (OHADA and OAPI law).

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Nilce has extensive experience in international intellectual property law as an expert at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). His expertise covers the Canadian, European, French and African member countries of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI). He was part of the expert group mandated to co-draft the OAPI Model Law on the Protection of Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Genetic Resources. His recent interest in the law applicable to connected objects has allowed him to extend his practice to the protection of personal information and data governance in Quebec, Canadian and European law.

Early in his professional career, Nilce had the opportunity to study and work abroad, notably for businesses in the banking and audiovisual sectors, for the world leader in audiovisuals and for law firms. His varied experiences have allowed him to acquire knowledge of the culture and practice of business in France in the French-speaking countries of sub-Saharan Africa and to develop skills in several areas of law. For example, he has worked on unusual issues such as cultural appropriation in the fashion and design sector.

Passionate about sharing knowledge, Nilce regularly speaks on intellectual property issues at conferences and seminars to audiences including governments, entrepreneurs and academics. He is a lecturer and research associate at the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) at the Université de Strasbourg and a tutor at the WIPO Worldwide Academy. He is the author of a doctoral thesis which was awarded by the Université de Paris 2.

He is appreciated for his rigour, his determination and his interpersonal skills.

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  • Services

    • Copyright
    • Cybersecurity
    • Domain Name
    • Industrial Design
    • Information governance
    • Intellectual Property Audit
    • Internet-related Law
    • Protection of Personal Information and privacy
    • Technology Law
    • Trademarks and other intellectual property
  • Professional activities

    The services to be provided to clients can involve complex situations. My knowledge of intellectual property law and my previous experience are assets to understand the different issues of my clients and to analyze their files from a different angle in order to propose innovative and adapted solutions.

  • Publications and conferences


    • « Le contentieux de la proprie´te´ intellectuelle : un processus inacheve´ dans le syste`me de l’OAPI », Revue Lamy Droit de l’Immate´riel (RLDI), nume´ro 182, juin 2021.
    • « Contentieux des signes distinctifs et de la concurrence de´loyale en Afrique (OHADA, OAPI, ARIPO, E´gypte : septembre 2019 – octobre 2020) », co-re´dige´e avec A. Johnson-Ansah, C. Kpolo, R. Mabouana, Y. L. Ngombe´ et Y. Omar Amine, Proprie´te´ Industrielle, Fe´v. 2021, nume´ro 2, E´tudes 4, pp. 10-19.
    • « Contentieux des signes distinctifs et de la concurrence de´loyale en Afrique (OHADA, OAPI, ARIPO). Florile`ge jurisprudentiel quinquennal (septembre 2014 – aou^t 2019) », co-re´dige´e avec A. Johnson-Ansah, C. Kpolo, R. Mabouana, Y. L. Ngombe´ et J.-P. Kosso Omambondi, Proprie´te´ Industrielle, De´c. 2019, nume´ro 12, Chronique 11.
    • “The importance of Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions in the AfCFTA”, AfronomicsLaw Blog, 9 sept. 2019, (Disponible en ligne)
    • « Pour une protection sans enregistrement des savoirs traditionnels », Revue francophone de proprie´te´ intellectuelle (RFPI, nume´ro 7, De´c. 2018, pp. 7- 16. (Disponible en ligne).
    • « Les contrats audiovisuels et cine´matographiques : Guide pratique a` l’usage des professionnels africains », avec K. Riahi, A.-J. Le´vy et C. Ifrah, Ministe`re des Affaires e´trange`res et europe´ennes, France, 2008. (Disponible en ligne) 


    • “Lessons Learned from National and Regional Initiatives on Intellectual Property and Traditional Cultural Expressions: The OAPI Experience”. Séminaire (en ligne) “Copyright and Traditional Cultural Expressions” organisée par l’OMPI et l’Institut mexicain du droit d’auteur (INDAUTOR), 23 septembre 2021 (disponible en ligne).
    • « Savoirs traditionnels/expressions culturelles traditionnelles c/ appropriation culturelle », Confe´rence (en ligne) « Proprie´te´ intellectuelle et Pop culture » organise´e par le Centre d’e´tudes internationales de la proprie´te´ intellectuelle (CEIPI) (Universite´ de Strasbourg), 26 avril 2021. (Disponible en ligne)
    • « Le droit de la proprie´te´ intellectuelle en Afrique : aperçu des évolutions et mutations re´centes et a` venir », Se´minaire en ligne « A` la de´couverte du droit de la proprie´te´ intellectuelle dans l’espace OAPI », organise´ par le CEIPI (Universite´ de Strasbourg), 19 novembre 2020. (Disponible en ligne)
    • « Le traitement des savoirs traditionnels associe´s aux ressources ge´ne´tiques », Colloque de l’Institut de recherche en proprie´te´ intellectuelle (IRPI) (Universite´ Paris 2) sur « Le re`glement europe´en d’application du Protocole de Nagoya sur l’acce`s aux ressources ge´ne´tiques ». Paris, France (de´cembre 2017)
    •  « L’utilisation strate´gique de la proprie´te´ intellectuelle dans les affaires », Atelier national sur « L’utilisation strate´gique de la proprie´te´ intellectuelle pour le de´veloppement e´conomique et technologique au Togo a` l’attention de l’administration et des artistes, chercheurs et investisseurs togolais » organisé par l’OMPI et le Gouvernement du Togo. Lome´, Togo (juin 2015)
  • Social Involvement

    I have been involved for several years in community life, both in Canada and internationally. In the field of intellectual property promotion and development, I am a member of the Women in Intellectual Property, Aboriginal Issues in Intellectual Property and Licensing committees of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC).

    In love with Africa, law and entrepreneurship, I am a former treasurer and member of the African Business Lawyers' Club (ABLC), an association of pan-African lawyers and jurists that promotes business law. I help young entrepreneurs and university researchers in French-speaking African countries to launch their professional and academic projects.

    I enjoy soccer, basketball and running and practice these activities regularly.


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